Year 1 & 2 Mrs Frater & Mrs Morris

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We've had a really busy first Autumn term! We moved into our new classroom and quickly began making friends with our new classmates. Our topic this term is Superheroes and we have created our own characters to help with growth mindset and to keep our identities secret when using the internet.


We have plotted, written, practised and created our own mini films based on a superhero theme using stop motion animation. We had to collaborate with other children, compromise our ideas and produce a short film which took us a whole seven weeks! The culmination of our efforts was a movie premiere held for our parents where we even had costumes and popcorn! 


This half term we have been focussing on the Christian story of Creation. We began our topic with some big questions: 

Who made the world? 

To help us remember the story of creation from the bible, we broke it down into sections, then we drew a picture each and put the story back together again. 

What can I see in the World? 

We looked at nature on the school grounds and talked about things we can see in the world.

We listened to the song from the Sound of Music 'favourite things' and drew our favourite things in the world. 

Why am I amazing?

We looked at ways that we can help God to look after the world by creating some rules such as; no graffitiing, always recycle, care for each other. 

How can I say thank you? 

We created our class lunchtime prayer to say thank you for the food we receive. We invited parents into school to share our soup to celebrate harvest.


This half term our topic has been Superheroes! We found out about a real life superhero; Roald Amundsen. He explored some of the coldest places on Earth during the ‘Heroic Age of Antarctic Exploration'. We looked at the features of the North and South poles and located them on maps.

We found out about Sylvia Earle and Jacques Cousteau who explored the oceans. We found out the names of the oceans and their locations, then we learned about coral reefs and their features.  

We looked at maps and their features, then we designed a map of a superheroes base.


We looked at real life superheroes - the emergency services! We carried out some role play on what to do in an emergency.

We have also:

  • Practised our skills in PE with Miss Baston and the coaches from NUFC.
  • Completed a workshop run by Jack Roach - British longjumper.
  • Looked at various scientists and the areas they studied.
  • Voted for our school council.
  • Taken part in the WE Scare Hunger campaign.
  • Learnt about health and hygiene and how important it is to our growth and development.
  • Read and worked on lots of RWInc books.
  • Worked through small steps in maths all about place value.
  • Had lots of sessions with Coco.
  • Shared soup and friendship flapjack with oor grown ups for Harvest.
  • Taken part in Inside Out day.
And so much more. We can't wait for Autumn 2!

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