Visit to the Castle - Summer 1

Castle Visit 9th May
We had a super visit to the castle. Mrs Davis and Mrs Gurney and came to help us and were really impressed at how much we had learnt about the different features of the castle.
We used the sensory bags from the castle which gave us lots of information, something to look at and something to smell, in each room.
Niall wanted to be the little boy who turned the spit roaster in the big fireplace. Dominic, Lewis, Albert and Archie wanted to be soldiers that could fire flaming arrows and drop horrible things down the murder holes. Finn and Evie wanted to be the noble queens and kings. Ella was cross that she couldn't be a page or a squire to train to be a knight as she was a girl and Ellie did not want to be a gong farmer!
Each child took turns at taking photographs, choosing which way to go and getting the coordinating bag.
We had a wonderful day and a big thank you to the children for their amazing behaviour and to our volunteers who helped us stay safe!