Spring 2

During spring term two, we were learning about poetry and wrote our own poems about our senses. We then looked at the book Diary of a Wombat and wrote our own animal diaries.

In Maths, We worked on place value, with Year 1 focusing on ordering numbers and year 2 adding 2 digit numbers. Then we found ½ ¼ and 1/3 fractions of numbers and shape.

We created our own hot air balloons using paper mache and explored everyday materials in Science.


During Science week, we held our own science investigation afternoon, with parents invited in to take part in our activities. We learnt how to make a bug hotel and about the habitats that bugs live in. We carried out an experiment to see which water solution would melt ice the quickest, we weighed some everyday materials comparing the weights and we used materials to create an object that would float.