Sports Day

11th July 2016
Sports Day 2016
A few big thank you's to say for making the event so successful:
Parents - well done for having your children so organised, grabbing picnics, making changes to schedules joining in through supporting the children, cheering and whooping and taking part in the Muckle Marathon and understanding how important it was for us to have sports day for the children.
Children- Well done for having your PE kits in school and getting changed so quickly, sitting so well, taking part in all the events, cheering for your friends, being such good sports and joining in on Mrs Frater's crazy en-masse singing!
Young Sports Leaders - A big thank you to the Ms Claydon and Mr Frater at JCSC High School who changed their schedules to get the young leaders to us on time. Well done to all the young leaders: Joseph Flanighan, Brandon McCann, Aaron Stevens, Robyn Boswell, Shania-Jade Allen, Connor Lowrey and Ellis Griffiths. I couldn't have managed without you.
PTA - Thank you to you all for being so flexible when you got the manic call on Friday morning and for organising a successful summer fayre again!
Staff: Thank you for listening to me moan about the weather and for dropping everything to get the children organised, for supervising and encouraging all the children and for making the event such a success.
Mrs Frater