Inside Out Day Suicide Awarness

28th September 2018
Inside Out Day
Throughout school we used the film' Inside Out' to explore feelings and develop strategies to help us talk about how we are feeling and reach out when we feel down or lonely.
EYFS had a busy day exploring feelings; How can we tell how someone is feeling? How do we feel? How do we know? They used emotion fans and made friendship posters. In the afternoon, they also had a visit from the fairy who left her magic breath for them to create friendship bracelets for each other!
Year 1 and 2 talked about what makes them unique and they designed their own personality islands. They talked about dealing with change, dealing with emotions and what happens if they don't feel an emotion. They also created dream catchers to catch their unhappy feelings.


Year 3/4 KS2
KS2 visited each character from Inside Out in the morning and their emotion and then in the afternoon they looked at zones of regulation and how to control these emotions and when to let them out.
Year 5 KS2
Year 5 studied Leonardo Da Vinci as an artist, his mental health and suicide. Inline with our cross-curricular approach their work also linked to space and the Alnmouth Arts competition. As a class they also continued reading ' The Sleeping Sword' by Micheal Morgugo where a ten year old boy makes a suicide attempt, but by talking to his friends he is his own power of change.