School Council Elections

26th September 2016

Every year we hold elections to choose children to sit on the School Council. This entails members having a ’voice’ for the rest of the school, taking responsibilities for charity work, playtime equipment, fundraising and making a difference within the school. The School Council meets once a week and children need to be prepared to give up some of their free time to help organise events and attend meetings. 


If your child has shown an interest in joining the School’s Council as their Class Representative. They will soon bring home a form that needs to be completed and returned to myself by 3pm Monday 26th        September. Please note this deadline is final. (A copy of the form is available for you to download.)


Please take some time to talk to your child about the characteristics of a Class Representative and discuss how they think they will be able to fulfil the role. Please feel free to support them while they write their ‘manifesto’ and if necessary scribe their words for them. 


Each class will vote in ‘blind’ elections after hearing all the manifesto’s from the candidates and two children will be voted in from each class. Elections will take place on Tuesday 27th September and the     children will receive the results the same day.


Many thanks for your support.