Mrs Carrick - Update

28th September 2015
In order to keep everyone up to date with how Mrs Carrick is getting on, we thought we'd include a special news page for everyone to read.
More news:

Dear Everyone, 

I went to the hospital yesterday and they took some x-rays to see how my leg is mending. The good news is that the bone in my leg that was broken is stable and so now the healing process can begin. Over the next few weeks I will gradually be allowed to put more weight onto my right foot until I can put all my weight on it.  As you can imagine I’m very pleased about all this. 

As it is National Poetry day next week I have written a poem to share with you. 

 Is it autumn? 

Blackberries dream of their pale-pink flowers.

A buzzard cries for the parting of summer.


Light becomes muffled and shadows stretch.

Swallows check their pack lists.


The full moon sings of change.

An owl hunts for homeless harvest mice.


Tree-top apples wait to be rescued.

A robin states his boundaries and shows red.


It must be autumn.




Here’s hoping you all enjoy National Poetry Day and all the beautiful sunshine we are having.


With love from

Mrs. Carrick

Here's the first letter:

Dear Everyone, 

Thank you for your cards, e-mails, messages and gifts. I have enjoyed reading and using them all.  

It is 3 weeks since I broke my leg when I fell off my Dales pony called Billy. The staff at the hospital in Cramlington managed to put a metal plate in my right femur with some pins to hold it in place to help me get better. I spent a week in hospital learning how to use crutches. This is because I’m only allowed to put weight on my left leg for a few weeks until my right leg mends. Then I came home. I am so lucky my house is all on one level because going up and down stairs would be very tricky at the moment!  I have been given some exercises to do to keep my leg muscles strong.  My favourite is where I make the shapes of all the letters of the alphabet with my toes! 

Next week I am going to hospital again for them to take some x-rays to see how my bone is mending. Fingers crossed it is getting stronger each day. When they think it is strong enough then I will be able to put some weight on it and maybe walk a little bit more. 

I hope you are all finding time to enjoy the lovely Autumn sunshine we are having. The staff have told me that you are all working very hard. I was very happy to hear that and it made me feel very proud of you all.  Well done! 

I will write again soon. In the meantime keep up the great work. 

With lots of love 

Mrs. Carrick