Physical Education Spring 1

Rock and roll and Jumping Jacks.
This half term we have been learning all about different gymnastics movements. We learnt a number of different jumps and used prompt cards to create a short sequence.
Next we thought about what a balance was and how we could make it look really finished. We added the balance to the jump sequence.
Finally we learnt a number of different rolls. The teddy bear roll was really tricky.
The last part of our learning was to work with a partner to create a sequence of our own using these three elements. We did lots of practice and tried to improve our movements each time.
While we performed our sequence, Mrs Frater videoed us and we then watched our sequence to look for ways to improve it further. You can watch our amazing sequences by clicking the videos below!
Lewis - "I need to keep my knees tucked in."
Archie - "I need to try to land on my feet every time."
Dominic - "I need to keep my body really straight."
Ellie - " I need to remember my balance."