Ford Castle day 3

13th October 2017

Ford Castle Day 3

Busy morning today, we had to pack our bags and strip our beds before we even had breakfast.  Today we had cereal, toast, sausages, hash browns and fresh orange juice.   After eating it was  straight back up to our rooms to finish packing and bring our bags down and line up for our first activity of the day.

Knights Quest

Knights Quest saw us head inside the Castle with Laura to learn out the Knights Code Of Chivalry and how to become a Knight.  First we became Pages by finding pieces of armour in the crocodile infested pool, we then moved on to being a Squire which required us to deliver the armour via a traversing wall.  It was another trip to the dungeon after that, this time we weren’t locked in though.  One by one we were blindfolded and were directed by a friend, to find pieces of paper hidden around the dungeon.  Once we had found them all we read them out.  They were all rules from the knights Code Of Chivalry such as ‘always tell the truth’.  We soon realised that the codes they lived by, we still live by today, which means we are now all Knights!

Initiative Exercises

Laura took us to our next activity where we had to stand on an L-shaped plank of wood on the floor, then put ourselves into birthday order without falling off! Seth didn’t need to do much, he was already stood in the right place.  Next she asked us to put ourselves into order from who likes cheese the least to who likes cheese the most, and we only had 3 seconds to get in order.  She gave us time to think about it.  After a few heated discussions and failed ideas it was Seth who suggested we just stay where we are and make up how much we like cheese to fit in with where we were stood! Perfect plan!  Next up was making a bridge with two planks of wood which had to carry each person across safely.  The problem was, the planks couldn’t touch the floor or rest on both sides.  We eventually worked it out, and we were even able to carry Miss Baston and Mrs Belshaw across too! Lastly we had to walk across a pathway of slates one at a time, each slate had to have at least one foot on it at each time once it had been touched by the first person.  If we left a slate uncovered it was taken away from us making it even harder.  This was a really tricky challenge which really got us thinking and talking.

Potions Class

Laura the witch led us to the potions room for our potions lesson.  Miss Baston and Mrs Belshaw were both suffereing from Tired Teacheritus, Whiffy Whizzpops and Ford Castle Fever, they needed cured ASAP! We were split into three groups and had to read the ingredients sheet to choose which things would help cure them.  Each group chose slightly different ingredients, but all chose mint.  The 3 potions were all different colours, and all tasted rather odd.  Everyone had a try of the potions, but only time will tell if Miss Baston and Mrs Belshaw are cured!

Our final meal at the Castle was sandwiches, crisps and Northumbrian Broth.  We all felt sad that we were soon to be heading home, but also excited to see our families.   After lunch it was time to go home.  We left the castle, walked through the Portcullis and boarded the bus.  Lots of the instructors were there to say goodbye and wave us off.

 Bye bye Ford Castle!