Music Day KS1

1st October 2017
On the 13th of October, we had our Music Day in Year 1 and 2. We had a full day of musical fun  and finished off with a performance to our parents and grandparents at 2:30pm. 
We started the day by singing one of our favourite songs in two simple parts. Then we had fun getting our tongues around the very fast Banana Rap on Charanga!
After playtime, we listened to different types of music from Peer Gynt by Edvard Grieg to The Imperial March by John Williams. Some of the music made us feel calm and peaceful. Other music made us feel excited and some music made us want to dance! We thought about how the music made us feel in different ways because it was loud or quiet, fast or slow or high or low in pitch.
After lunch, we decided to compose some simple music to tell the Bible story of Creation. We worked in groups to compose some simple music to describe one of the days of Creation. We chose the percussion instruments we thought would be effective for our chosen day and decided how to play them to describe the creation of light, water or animals. We followed a graphic score of notation so we knew when to play and how long to play for.
We enjoyed performing our song, rap, dance and composition to our families later on. We took a well deserved bow at the end!