Muckle Marathon - Race for Life

11th July 2016
Well done to everyone that took part in this year's Muckle Marathon. We raised £100 for Cancer Research and everyone had a great time walking, running, piggybacking and strolling around the course.
Well done to Matthew Hill, Elijah Burnett and Seth Jordan for being our quickest runners and the Woody Heathcote Gurney for being our youngest competitor at just a few weeks old. Medals, dog tags and tshirts were handed out and everyone had a great time.
An extra big thank you to Mrs Southward, Mrs Frizzel and Miss Baston who desperately wanted to compete but were too busy creating the finish line and taking pictures!
Below is a roll call of all those people who ran and donated - if I've missed you off the list - thank you anyway!
Muckle Marathon Runners and Donators:

Eva and Elise Kurti and Grandma Carole, Phil Birt, Shaun McPhearson, N Bailey, A Wilson, L Hall, M Hedley, J Hedley, I McCaffrey, L Watkinson, A Stevens, B McCann, J Flanighan, J Mckenzie, Scarlet Forsyth, Brody Teasdale, Zac Common, Jessica Common, Jake Nelson, Lewis Nelson, Sarah Nelson, Nancy, Micah Donaldson, Ezra Donaldson, Rosie Cowel, Paul Cowel, Ryan Rutherford, Grandad Jimmy, Sophie Birt, Daniel Birt, Debbie Birt, Alexander Morrison, Triona, Isaac Morrison, Zach Hall, Michael Hall, Callum Dawson, Sian, Deborah Hill, Jenny, Kerry, Eileen, Emelia, Katy, Vicky, John, William and Sarah Tweddle, Gary, Eve, Noah, Theo and Kelly Handyside, Diane, Chloe and Jasmine Conway, Sam, Matthew, Archie, Simon, Gus, Catherine, Isobel, Daniel Gurney, Anna Heathcote, Delphine, Luke,  Amy Hume, Susan Frizzel, Mrs Southward, Miss Baston, Mrs Carrick, Mrs Coils and Mrs Gurney.