Meetings Autumn 1 2018

As part of our Charitable Campaigns, the School Council are following a unit called ‘WE Scare Hunger’.

The aim of the unit is to give children the insight into the growing problem of children going hungry. Through various activities they will learn and in turn share with their peers:

  •          the difference between "needs" and "wants,” and understand that food is needed for healthy growth and development.
  •          To explore the causes and effects of hunger.
  •          To understand the reasons people use food banks and the impact of them.

In order to make a real difference, we are asking for all our children, parents and the local community to get involved in a food drive to collect goods for the local food bank. However, this is no ordinary food drive!

As school finishes for half term, we will be issuing each child with a campaign card. As children enjoy the spectacle of Halloween over the holidays, we would like them to be involved in ‘trick or treat’ with a difference. We encourage all parents to get involved too! When your child knocks on the door of a known person, neighbour or relative instead of waiting for sweets, we would like them to show their campaign card which will state: ‘WE Scare Hunger, this Halloween please instead of sweets could you donate a tin, packet or package of food for our Warkworth C of E Primary School food drive’. To make this work really well a little prior notice to those neighbours and relatives might be a good idea!

All tins, packets and packages of food can be brought into school on Monday 5th November where we can celebrate our endeavours and see just what we can achieve when we all work together!

We look forward to seeing the impact of our efforts and hope you can support us in this campaign.

Details of our meetings this half term can be found below.