Latest News from Mrs Carrick

1st October 2015

9th November

Dear Everyone, 

Hoping that you all had a lovely half term week and that your fund raising for Pudsey on Friday is a great success! Miss Baston, Miss Curtis, Mr. and Mrs. Coils came to see me during half-term and kept me up to date with all the exciting learning you have been doing. I’m looking forward to seeing all your work when I come into school.

 I am making good progress with walking and only use 1 stick now. I can also take the weight on my injured leg for a few seconds.  Each day I go on my exercise bike for about 15 minutes. My physiotherapist has told me I can increase this a little each week, which is great news! My cadence (the speed I turn the pedals) is about 80/minute and I’m working to get this to 85 – 90 as my target.

 At the hospital last week, the x-rays showed that all the pins in my leg are in the right place still, more good news. I am also able to do more now. I continue to do my exercises and go for short walks to build up my strength. Not that I will be walking anywhere today – the wind here is crazy! I was nearly blown across the field when I fed the ponies this morning.

 The gifts from the wonderful hamper are still keeping me amused, reading, sustained and cared for, thank you! Keep safe.

 Lots of love from

Mrs. Carrick





Dear Everyone, 

Thank you for the wonderful surprise hamper that arrived recently. I really appreciate that you are all thinking of me and helping me make a speedy recovery. I am enjoying unpacking it gradually. The chocolate has been hidden from my husband! The puzzle book and magazines are on the quiet table in the sitting room ready for when I sit there in the afternoons and stretch my legs out!

 The good news from my most recent physiotherapy session is that I was on the exercise bike again and managed to pedal backwards and forwards! I am still walking with crutches but more weight is going through my feet. I have had to learn to use this pattern – left crutch forward, right foot forward, right crutch forward, left foot forward, it’s like being in a military march! I wonder what I will learn this week?

 I have had time to watch the birds out of the window and so far I have seen a woodpecker, wren, blue tit, robin in the garden and buzzards over the fields.

 I hear it is your Harvest Festival on Friday and I’m sure it will be a special time.  During half term next week I hope you all have a safe and fun time.

 With lots of love from

 Mrs. Carrick


Dear Everyone, 

Thank you for the beautiful flowers that arrived at the weekend, the roses smell lovely! I was very excited to go to see the year 4, Miss Baston and Mrs. Frater at Ford Castle last week.  They were very focused during the archery session and it was lovely to stand in the sun and watch everyone have their turns. 

The other exciting news for me is that my feet are now much less swollen and I can wear shoes on both feet! I’m allowed to put weight on my injured foot and can walk a few hundred metres at a time. 

It was the Heavy Horse event on a farm near us at the weekend and my friend took me. The horses have great names like Rupert, Daisy and Merlin. They were all beautiful. I have been unable to see my ponies for the last five weeks as they live across a field from my house. However, yesterday I was able to put on a pair of wellies, put plastic bags on the ends of my crutches to keep them clean, and managed to walk (very slowly and with some help) to see my two ponies. I think they were more pleased to see their buckets than me but I loved it. I will go again if the weather stays dry but the ponies will be fed everyday, regardless of the weather, as my husband or daughter do it. 

I am still going to physiotherapy each week and last week I had to go on an exercise bicycle. It was hard work and I didn’t quite have the flexibility to turn the pedals all the way round but I’m hoping I will this week. 

Lots of love 

Mrs. Carrick