Headteacher Message

Warkworth Church of England (Aided) Primary School develops confident, responsible and successful individuals who learn together through love, forgiveness and friendship. The school is an inclusive community, providing outdoor and indoor education of the highest quality. The school will preserve and develop its religious character in partnership with the Church of England at parish and diocesan level.

 Through our exciting and challenging provision our school aims:

 To develop confident individuals who have the opportunity to:

  • develop a sense of self worth and personal identity
  • be responsible and independent
  • understand personal well-being
  • develop secure values and beliefs
  • develop spiritual awareness and an understanding of their place in the world
  • reflect on, and celebrate, the wonders and mysteries of life

 To develop responsible citizens who have the opportunity to:

  • develop a healthy lifestyle and keeps themselves and others safe.
  • care for their local environment, including their Forest School
  • be polite, considerate and respects others
  • work and play co-operatively and positively with others
  • communicate effectively
  • celebrate diversity, showing tolerance and understanding
  • understand local and global issues, and learn how change can be affected by leading or taking part in local events

 To develop successful learners who have opportunities to:

  • reach their full potential
  • learn in and outdoors, including Forest School
  • be motivated by the adventure of learning
  • work independently
  • think creatively and solve problems
  • enquire
  • respond to challenges
  • make responsible use of their talents, rights and opportunities
  • demonstrate perseverance, resilience and commitment

 To be a happy, inclusive, caring community.

 To uphold Christian values.

We are committed to offering an inspiring curriculum which is relevant to the needs of our children and which will enable the knowledge, skills and values to be developed which are essential for children to lead fulfilling lives and make a positive contribution, as adults in the 21st century. This will be developed through excellent teaching founded on knowledge of the needs of each individual, and supported by a strong Christian ethos promoting values of love, forgiveness and friendship.  Our provision for outdoor learning and the development of our Forest School site are features that make our school distinctive, enabling children and adults to solve problems, work co-operatively and assess and take risks.

We are dedicated to maintaining and developing further the excellent relationships between staff, pupils, parents, governors, the church, the wider and the global community. We believe we can work together to offer the best possible education for our children, enabling them to grow into confident, independent and responsible members of our community.

There are many ways in which you can help and encourage your child as they begin full time schooling.  Further information will be available as your child starts to attend our school through our website, regular newsletters and information and parent evenings.

If you would like to take a more active role in school we would be delighted to welcome you. We have parents and members of the community who help regularly in school with all aspects of the curriculum (e.g. reading and creative activities).

This website is designed to answer many of the initial questions which parents have when looking at schools but should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact the school. We firmly believe in the importance of ongoing two-way communication.

If you require a paper copy of any of the information listed on our website we will be happy to provide this for you free of charge.

Jacqui Carrick