Global Work

# Strive together as one!


What a busy time WE had, last academic year. The School Council worked tirelessly to campaign for both local community and global projects.


 In autumn, we began work on the WE Scare Hunger campaign. Posters, flyers and information cards were produced for the school and wider community. An awareness assembly was held, led and written by the children to get the message across about what we wanted to achieve. Children went trick or treating at Halloween and instead of collecting treats for themselves, collected bags of food for Amble food bank.

The Spring term gave the children the opportunity to learn about Cyber bullying with our campaign WE Won't Rest. A short, infomercial was written and acted out by the School Council and bunting was displayed around school. Each flag contained a message as to why cyberbullying was wrong and ways the children could ask for help if they were a victim.

 he summer term saw a collaborative approach to campaigning. School Council, Eco Club and the Fundraising Club worked together to organise WE Walk for Water. This global campaign highlighted the number of children who miss out on their education due to them having to fetch and carry water daily. Sponsor forms were sent out and targets were set. Then on 4th June,the whole school set out on a kilometre walk, carrying pails of water to recreate the long walks many children have to take daily. Through the money raised 45 clean water taps could be provided for life to families who need in most in the WE villages across the globe.


We are now a WE School!


What is WE?


WE is a movement that believes when we come together we can create an even better world. Find out more about the WE movement by watching the video link below:


What is the WE program?


WE Schools is an innovative active citizenship programme that supports teachers and group leaders to empower young people with the skills, knowledge and motivation to create positive change in the wider world. The programme offers a comprehensive collection of educational resources, including curriculum-linked lesson plans and guidance on running extra curricular activities on the theme of citizenship. The WE Schools programme engages over 14,500 schools and groups across the UK and North America, transforming outcomes for more than 3.8 million students. Thanks to the support of our generous partners and supporters.


Send a Cow

We also work with the Christian Charity Send a Cow. Send a Cow is a force for change in rural Africa, they help communities to grow their own futures. Throughout this year we have raised money for the charity and had focused days and worships for Send a Cow.  Rachel from Send a Cow has also worked throughout school and is coming back in the summer to run further projects!



 Manisha Twin School


 From September 2012- 2018 we have been linked with a Primary school in Nepal.  Barbara Bond who works for Manisha came to talk with us in May 2013. We have written to the children in the school, the children have sent us some of their work on animals and this is on display in school. We fund raise to support our twin school.   Photos and more information can be found at: