Gardening News

We've achieved the Gold Award from The Woodland Trust for 2018- 2019 and now we've achieved Platinum (2019 - 2020) well done everyone!  
All your hard work in Forest School, Gardening Club and outdoor education is really being celebrated!
# Strive together as one (Philippians 1:27)
To see what we got up to in gardening club last year have a look below! 

Summer News


On the allotment the children have been very busy planting seed potatoes, broad beans, peas, courgettes and more red onions. There has been lots of weeding done to keep the area tidy.

In the greenhouse the tomato, pepper and aubergine plants have been potted on. A small watering team looks after these plants during the week.

In the vegetable boxes we have planted, and started to harvest, lettuce and radishes for the school kitchen.

A huge trug full of rhubarb was picked and taken to the school kitchen. Mrs Dixon made a delicious rhubarb crumble for pudding the next day.

We used the hose to top the level of water up in the pad. The children were very excited to see ducks on the pond and wandering around on the main yard.

Lily bulbs have been planted in the Forever Friendly garden along with a fourth donated rose bush.

The barrels on the main yard have had sweet peas and a wild flower seed mix planted in them.

At the front of the school, by the car park and in Beech yard the tubs and tyres have had donated marigolds and poppies planted in them.

During the May half term break, the conifer hedge at one end of the main yard was cut down. Now everyone can see the Reflection garden and allotment.

Mid June the competition potatoes were harvested and weighed. Those weights were entered onto the Potato Council Website. Mrs Dixon used the potatoes to make a fantastic potato salad to go with the school unch.

Sainsbury's very kindly donated packets of red onion sets, ranuncula, anemone, fressias and gladioli bulbs and boxes of bird attracting seed which we have begun to plant around the grounds.

Over the past few weeks of term the children and staff have been working hard to get our garden and grounds ready for the Warkworth In Bloom judging day - when the whole village is judged. A group of children will show the judges around on the 7th July.

It has been a busy gardening year for the children in Hazel and Beech Class, the volunteers and the staff.

To keep the grounds looking good a watering rota has been drawn up for the school summer holidays - staff, volunteers, governors and parents are all taking part.


Spring News


Year 1 & 2 have been busy with gardening jobs. They planted all the Marie Curie bulbs after mixing up the compost in a trug. We are checking the bulbs regularly to make sure they are growing and will be ready to go home in March.

The greenhouse has been cleared out and the plant pots tidied up.

On the allotment small groups of children have been creating a bug hotel using sticks and leaves.

One afternoon we were fortunate to have snow and we used sticks to create patterns in the snow!

Children took part in the RSPB schools survey by watching and counting birds in Rowans Yard. We have submitted our results to the RSPB.

A group of children have begun sorting out the seeds we have ready for the next planting season.

Mrs Coils and Mrs Beeby asked the children to collect sticks and willow ready for our activities at the forest.

We had an afternoon in the hall with Rowan Class mking items to sell at the Warkworth In Bloom Coffee morning. We made salt dough shapes, cards, hearts, posters and bird feeders.


Autumn News


The children in Hazel and Beech classes strated the school gardening year with an Autumn tidy up.

They have enjoyed sweeping and raking up the leaves. We put the leaves into black bin liners and made holes in the botttom. We have put the bags in one corner of the allotment and will leave them to let them turn into leaf mulch over the next few months.

In Rowan Yard the sunflower bed has been cleared. The sunflower heads have been kept and are drying. We wll harvest the seeds soon.

In the Reflection Garden, dead pants have been cut back and the whole area tidied. 

On the allotment a group of children enjoyed making and building a bug hotel. Parts of the allotment have started to be cleared ready for digging over in the winter.




The final few weeks at school have been busy in the gardens. Lots of tidying and watering ready for the Warkworth in Bloom judging on July 16th. The whole village is being judged by Northumbria in Bloom as part of the RHS gardens scheme. Four children from years 1 and 2 are going to be showing the judges around our grounds. Staff, parents and governors have helped to create a watering plan to cover the school Summer holidays and keep all of our plants alive.

A huge thankyou to all the garden helpers and volunteers, who have helped throughout the year. Mrs Southward could not have anaged without you! Have a wonderful summer and we'll see you all in September!




We started off the month making bird food in hangers. We had to mix dried fruit, nuts and bread with melted fat and then transfer it in to small pots we had threaded with string. It was a messy job! The following week we hung the feeders around the school grounds. We enjoyed watching the birds and doing drawings of the ones we saw.

The tomato seedlings have been potted on and are now doing well in the greenhouse. The children are looking out for the first red tomato.

On the main yard the tyres have been tidied up and the Kew Garden seeds planted in them. The first vegetable box has been cleared and planted with lettuce, radish and parsley seeds.

In Rowan Yard the children have planted out their sunflowers. The flower bed in Rowan yard has been edged, weeded and tidied.

Beech yard has also had a tidy. The tyres and tubs have been topped up with compost and Kew Graden seeds planted.

In the Reflection Garden we have a fantastic display of lupins. The Bristish Legion Centenary poppies are starting to come through. The beds have been edged and weeded.

On the allotment the children have helped to plant out beetroot and runner bean seedlings. The beds of potatoes, leeks and onions have been weeded regularly. The raspberry can have been tied up. 

The highlight of the month has been the strawberries. Groups of children have enjoyed washing them and taking them around the classes for everyone to eat!

Now the weather is warming up there is plenty of watering to do.


Spring/Summer Gardening Day

A group of staff, their families, parents, children, governors and volunteers came into school one Saturday and did some of the bigger, heavier jobs.

  • The willow tunnel and den were weaved.
  • Slabs were laid on the allotment paths to surpress weeds.
  • The three benches in the Forever Friendly Garden were stained.
  • More of the main fence was painted.
  • Weeds were cleared from the pond.
  • The wheelbarrow puncture was fixed.
  • The last three uprights from the wobbly bridge were removed.
  • Various low branches were removed.
  • Paths to the nettle corner had the branches and bushes cut back.
  • Everyones favourites - Bonfires and refreshments

A great time was had by all and all help was appreciated!


It has been a busy month trying to keep on top of the weeds!

In the vegetable boxes we planted more strawberry plants that we have grown from the runners.

The children from Rowan Class have planted pumpkin seed into pots dontaed by Homebase. The sunflower seedlings are starting to grow and are being cared for in the classroom before we plant them out. The children have measured the plants as part of their numeracy lesson. The plants have been lifted in and out of the classroom to harden them off.

The big job of the month was putting up donated planters and troughs around the fences. The children helped to line the planters and then planted out the sweet peas and nasturiums.

In the tyres on the main yard and in Beech yard the children planted out cornflower and nasturium seedlings.

As the weather has started to warm up the children have enjoyed watering the plants - their favourite spring/summer job!




On the allotment a group of Y3 & 4 boys have done  great job of digging a new bed. The children in Rowan Class have planted the seed potatoes into the new bed. Five donated rosemary bushes have been planted along the outside of the greenhouse.

Groups of children from Oak Class have started off tomato, cucumber, pepper, pea and runner bean seeds. Children check on them regularly in the greenhouse to see if they are growing yet!

All children in Rowan and Hazel Class have planted sunflower seeds. Now the race is on to see whose will grow the tallest. The strawberry wellies have been tidied up in Rowan yard too.

Some of the Kew Garden Wild flower seeds we were given have been planted in the tubs at the front of the school, in the tyres in the main yard and in the tyres in Beech Class.

During the Easter holidays Mr and Mrs Frizzel finished off the the central bed in the Forever Friendly Garden and it looks fantastic!




Children in Year 3 and 4 have had a busy month in the garden.

They have moved two more tyres onto the yard near the Forever Friendly Garden and put the rest of the Marie Curie daffodils into them.

Work has started on the allotment, the beds are being dug over. The raspberry canes have been trimmed. School staff, volunteers and their families have kindly donated 3 nicotinia plants, 3 rhubarb crowns, onion sets, brocolli, sprout plants and sweet pea seedlings.Some have been planted in the allotment, others are in the greenhouse waiting for the weather to improve.

In the Forever Friendly Garden, Mr Frizzel kindly repainted the walls and put up the trellis. The children have planted 6 clematis plants which should hopefully grow up the walls.

At the front of the school the tubs have been weeded and tidied.




This month we have made bird feeders. We sold some at the Warkworth in Bloom Coffee Morning (Photos in the gallery) We hung the rest in Rowan yard and are waiting for the birds to find them.

We had good fun ripping up paper, soaking it in water and then making paper bricks. When they are dry we will take them to the forest school to burn them on the camp fire.
We recycled old newspapers and made pots. We shall plant seeds in them in the spring.

On Marie Curie day we put all the decorated pot wrappers on to the pots of daffodils ready for the children and staff to take home.

The wood store was rearranged and most of the wood is stored in our new (recycled) wood shed. This should keep it dry ready for burning in the fire pit.


December and January


During December and January the children have been busy clearing and tidying the school garden areas. There has been lots of raking and sweeping - everyone's favourite job!

The wall flower seedlings we planted back in September have been transplanted to the tyres in Beech yard and on the main yard.

Groups of children have enjoyed taking the big wheel barrows down onto the field and collecting up soil from the mole hills and bringing it back up to the main yard to top up the vegetable boxes.

As the weather has turned wetter we have tried to stay off the garden and grassy areas. We had an enjoyable afternoon tidying out the area behind the large shed - getting rid of all the broken items, sorting the plant pots into a new storage bin, recycled from somewhere else in school and clearing the brambles.

We have been cleaning all the school gardening tools, washing the seed trays and tidying out the gardening section of the school cupboard.

There was a lot of fun and games ( and laughing) when we tried to open the shed. It took two gardening volunteers with lots of 'advice' from the children to get the shed door opened and then shut again! All the rain has affected the lock and made the door swell up.

Only one gardening afternoon has had to be totally indoors (so far). Thye children made paper plant pots (from old newspapers) and started off fire bricks made from recycled ripped up paper which is mixed with water and left to dry.

Whenever we can, we are harvesting sees from the flower heads we collected in the autumn, putting them into labelled envelopes ready to use in the spring.




We had a fantastic autumn gardening day when lots of jobs were done by tchildren and their families, staff and governors.

The children have been busy all around the grounds during November.

Leeks have been planted into 2 of the beds. The runner beans have been cleared. The last remaining beans were harvested and the beans saved to plant next year. The empty allotment beds have been dug over. The have children enjoyed sorting out the log pile and creating a bug hotel at the back of the allotment.

Rowan Yard
The sunflower heads have been harvested and put to dry. That bed has been cleared and dug over. The flowerbed near pre school has been tidied and the bushes cut back.

The Marie Curie bulbs for every child have been planted ready for the Marie Curie day which will be organised by the School's Council in February.

The Reflection Garden
The children scattered poppy seeds around the conifer 'W'. The seeds were given to the school by theRoyal British Legion. We hope the poppies will grow in time for the 2014 Commoration of World War 1.


Groups of children enjoyed harvesting produce we had grown during the last year, ready for our Harvest Festival.
From the vegetable boxes and allotment we picked and dug up raspberries, apples, runner beans and the show leeks. We have left one show leek in the ground to go to seed. The children will harvest the seed and hope to grow their own show leeks next year.
We had a bumper crop of sweet peas this year so the children picked the remaining flowers and they were put in vases around school.

The strawberry plants have been tidied. Some of the plant runners have been planted into a spare vegetable box, others into plant pots.

In the Reflection Garden the children got to do their favourite job - raking the leaves up! Some of them were put into sacks to be turned into leaf mulch. Other children helped to trim back dead plants and generally tidy the garden ready for the winter.

Beech yard was tidied and swept by Year 2 children. They also collected sweetpea seed pods. They have left them to dry in school ready for using next year.

Just before half term two children from Year 3 helped one of our garden volunteers to plant lots of sweetpea seeds (collected last year) into pots. These will be left in the greenhouse over the winter. An early planting usually gives a better display of flowers. The children will check on them regularly.

The last job before half term was to tidy up Rowan yard a bit.The strawberry wellies were trimmed and tidied, the paths were swept and more dead heading was done.




A new school gardening year begins. Our band of 'waterers' did a fantastic job over the sumer holidays keeping everything alive - Thank you.

The children have been keen to get into the garden to see what has grown. Groups of children from Years 1 & 2 have been out each week. They have made a start on on weeding and dead heading flowers at the front of the school, in the Forever Friendly garden and in the tyres. Lots of seeds have been collected. We are drying them and hope to use them next season.

We have had a good harvest of potatoes, beans, onions, tomoatoes and raspberries.

The grenhouse has been cleared and tidied.

Wall flower seeds have been started off and put into the greenhouse. Donated leek seedlings are in the greenhouse too ready to plant out.

One of the favourite jobs for the children, is sweeping and raking. Using our new children's raks provided by the Warkworth Show commitee. The new gardening gloves; also provided by the Show commitee have arrived and are been put to good use.