Ford Castle day 3

7th October 2016

Lots to do this morning, we had to pack our bags and strip our beds before we even had breakfast.  Thea, Nancy, Sian and Lizzie were meant to set the tables with Luke this morning but the girls were so busy packing their bags we had to send some of the other boys down to help Luke.  They did manage to clear the tables after breakfast though.  Breakfast today was cereal, toast, bacon, sausages, beans and fresh orange juice.   After breakfast we went straight back up to our rooms to bring our bags down.

Time to get into our groups for the final time, to do our last three activities.


The Falcons

Low Ropes

Low Ropes wasn’t as easy as we thought it sounded.   We had to work in two teams to get around the course, starting at different points.  Some parts of the course were incomplete and we had to lay down crates to get from one platform to the other without stepping on the grass.  Good teamwork was spotted here, we had to help our friends on lots of the parts.


Knights Quest

Knights Quest saw us head inside the Castle with Laura to learn out the Knights Code Of Chivalry and how to become a Knight.  First we became Pages by finding pieces of armour in the piranha infested pool, we then moved on to being a Squire which required us to deliver the armour via a traversing wall.  Some people found places to put their pieces so they didn’t drop them on the way, but Thea was adamant she was going to carry hers in her hand like the Pages would have done as they wouldn’t have had pockets or hoods.  It was another trip to the dungeon after that, this time we weren’t locked in though.  One by one we were blindfolded and were directed by a friend, to find pieces of paper hidden around the dungeon.  Once we had found them all we read them out.  They were all rules from the knights Code Of Chivalry such as ‘be brave, loyal and honest’.  We soon realised that the codes they lived by, we still live by today, which means we are now all Knights!


Initiative Exercises

Unfortunately this activity was cut short due to the ‘attack of the midges’.  Apparently midges like drizzly rain.  Before the attack we managed to do a game where we stood on an L-shaped plank on the ground.  We then had to arrange ourselves into birthday order without falling off the plank.  After we had managed that, we had to do it again without talking!



The Griffins Group

Initiative Exercises

Becca took us to our next activity where we had to stand on an L-shaped plank of wood on the floor, then put ourselves into birthday order without falling off!  After that we had to work together to try and get a stick of TNT off a table without touching it, and without stepping into a big area around it.  There were some ropes to help us, and of course we had each other.  Nancy came up with a plan on how to do it, and Sian was great at explaining exactly what to do to the people holding the ropes.  The TNT ‘exploded’ a few times before we finally managed to do it.  Good work team!


Low Ropes

Rebecca split us into two groups to get around the course.  We had to work together to help each other over the obstacles.  Some parts weren’t complete so we had to lay down planks of wood to walk across.  Millie had a severe case of the giggles on the wobbly wire.  After roughly 15 attempts, she stopped giggling, and made it across.  Zoe walked across with ease, making it over on the first attempt.


Knights Quest

Laura took us in to the castle for our last activity, the Knights Quest.  Trying not to get our toes nibbled by the piranhas we made our way across the ball pit collecting bits of armour on our way.  We then carried them across the traversing wall and looked at what we had collected.  Another visit to the dungeon was next, this time to collect some things.   We took turns to be blindfolded and directed, by a friend to a piece of paper.  Some were hidden in cracks in the walls, while others were inside the mouth of skulls on the floor! The pieces of paper had sentences written on which we then read out.  Laura told us they were taken from the Knights Code of Chivalry. We noticed that the code of chivalry was pretty much how we live our lives today.  Be kind, look after each other and be helpful.


Our final meal at the Castle was baguettes, crisps and vegetable soup.  We all felt sad that we were soon to be heading home, but also excited to see our families.   After lunch it was time to go home.  We left the castle, walked through the Portcullis and boarded the bus.  Lots of the instructors were there to say goodbye and wave us off.


Goodbye Ford Castle.  It’s been a great adventure.


Parents you should all be extremely proud of your brave knights and daring damsels.  We've had a great time with them over the past few days and nights. They've been well mannered, brave, thoughtful, well behaved and most importantly, good sleepers!   Mrs Coils, Mrs McCaffery, Miss Baston and Mrs Carrick.