Ford Castle day 2 (morning)

6th October 2016

By 10:30pm last night all the children were settled in their rooms.  The teachers all had an undisturbed night, and everyone felt fresh this morning.  Some of the girls heard an owl during the night which was very exciting!

The girls in James’ room felt cold early this morning so used their initiative and made a base camp on the floor.  Thea knew that putting all their bodies together would keep them warm, they were found huddled together like penguins.  Clever girls!  The boys have kept the tidiest room so far, who’d have thought it!

Adam, Harry, Noah, Isaac and Oliver were on table setting duty this morning, while the others did their busy books.  We enjoyed cereal, toast, bacon, sausage, hash browns and fresh orange juice.  The boys then cleared the tables and we headed upstairs to get ready for our first activity.


The Falcons Group


Team Falcon were excited to try archery, especially Mrs Coils and Mrs McCaffery who had a competition between themselves!  Jessica M got the highest score for this team and everyone else had a great time trying to hit the targets.  Archery is much harder than it looks in the films, Mrs Coils was the only person to hit the centre colour! Well done Mrs Coils.



Our class travelling friend watched us do fencing, he sat safely out of the way in the fireplace.  We learnt that the ‘pokey sword’ is called a foil, and we had to wear a special back to front jacket, a glove, and a funny looking mask.  To get a point in fencing the foil has to bend in the middle.  Everyone did really well at following the instructions and learning a new sport. En guarde!!


Castle Tour

The Falcons thought they’d seen all there was to see in the castle, but little did they know they had a dungeon to visit! Down, down, down the creepy stairs, under the creepy door, and down, down, down more creepy stairs! They were locked in for 30 seconds, although everyone thought it felt more like 30 years! The brave explorers also visited the Kings room, and left the castle grounds to visit the graveyard at the church!


The Griffins Group

Assault Course

Mud monsters for today were Nancy and Millie, what a pair!  The teams worked well together holding the rope at all times, going over the A-frames, through the muddy tunnels, and over many more obstacles. After doing it once, it was time to try it backwards – cue many bottoms landing in the mud. 



Communication and teamwork were key for this blindfolded challenge, passing on the message to the person behind us about what was up ahead, and things to feel about for.  Some pesky squirrels kept needing the toilet when we were there, some of us had it trickling down our ears and in our hair (Miss Baston was definitely not squirting them with a water pistol!)  It appeared some birds were depositing the contents of their nests onto the children’s heads as well.  How naughty.



Ewan was our instructor for fencing and talked us through the safety instructions, what fencing used to be like in the olden days, and what all the equipment needed was called.  Sian was very interested in this, answering and asking lots of questions.  We were soon kitted up and ready to battle.  To start a game we had to slap our opponent in the face with our glove, not sure if that’s the Olympic way but it was funny none the less! We battled down to the final pair – Conn and Francesca! Final score was 5-4 to Conn.


After a lunch of baguettes (with various fillings to choose from) and tomato soup, we headed our separate ways for the next challenge