Ford Castle day 2 (afternoon)

6th October 2016
 After a lunch of baguettes (with various fillings to choose from) and tomato soup, we headed our separate ways for the next challenge


The Falcons Group

Potions Class

Laura the witch led us to the potions room for our potions lesson.  Mrs Coils had developed a terrible case of Teachers Tongue and Mrs McCaffery was suffering from Purple Postules on her feet.   Both of these needed cured ASAP!  The team was split into three groups and they then had to read the ingredients sheet to choose which things would help cure them.  One group made a one which was a strange purple colour, smelt horrible, and tasted even worse!  The 2nd groups turned an orange colour, smelt quite bad (think that would be the onion) and tasted equally as bad.  The last group made a green coloured one, which smelt horrible, but actually tasted ok.  Are Mrs McCaffery and Mrs Coils cured?? Only time will tell! 


This was a communication and teamwork exercise, with all the group being blindfolded, working their way through an obstacle course including a cargo net, tyres and those pesky squirrels needing the toilet again! We took turns to be the leader, passing back the message of what was up ahead and what we could feel with our feet and hands.

Postmans Walk

The Falcons last activity for the day was Postmans Walk, we had to get harnessed up again as this was our highest challenge yet!  We took turns to attempt the postmans walk and we could choose which levels to attempt.  First and second, second and third, only third etc . . Lots of us chose to challenge ourselves and go as high as we could.  While we weren’t climbing we sat on crates encouraging our friends. 


The Griffins Group

Postmans Walk

The Griffins first activity was Postmans Walk.  We each took turns to climb up the poles, and choose which level we wanted to go across.  Our instructor Jacob was funny and he gave us all nicknames.  See if you can guess who they are . . . Lama, Bob, Millimetre,  Barn, Barry Scott, Dot Com, Ollywally , French Fancy, Siesta and Giraffe.

 Potions Class

It was our turn to attend our potions lesson.  Laura the witch split us into 3 groups to cure Miss Baston of her Measly Migraines, Whiffy Whizzpops, and Silly Sarcasm.  The first group chose ingredients which led to the potion being a very bright purple colour, it didn’t smell too bad, but tasted rather odd.  The next group choose green ingredients so the potion turned a light green colour.  The smell was vile! The taste was even worse!!  The last groups potion was also a purple colour, smelt ok, and tasted ok.  Hopefully Miss Baston is now whizzpop free. 

 Castle Tour

During the Castle Tour we visited the graveyard at Ford Church looking at the resting place of Lady Waterford which had a posh gravestone.  We then looked at the gravestone of a poor person, it had no writing on, just a skull and crossbones!  We then went to James’ Study and saw some weapons and talked about how they were used.   Next up was the dungeon where some of us got locked in for 30 seconds in the pitch black.  We were told there was an even scarier dungeon but we didn’t get to see that one.



We all headed up to our rooms to get our party clothes on and then headed downstairs for our evening meal.  We had a roast dinner, it was chicken, Yorkshire pudding, carrots, roast potatoes, sweetcorn, cauliflower, peas and gravy, then pudding was a yummy lemon cake.  Francesca, Lana, Zoe, Isobel and Samantha did a great job of setting and clearing the tables tonight.  

The disco was very loud and very busy so we were allowed to go into the games room if we wanted to.  The games rooms had lots of things to play like table tennis, table football and snooker.  The disco lasted for about an hour with lots of songs we knew playing, flashing lights and some crazy dance moves! 

We had a special treat at hot chocolate time, Laura brought out her new pet Barn Owl.  He was only 4 months old, and was called Gizmo.  We all thought he was gorgeous.  Laura told us how he uses his eyes and ears to be an excellent hunter.  We then got to ask questions about him, what a wonderful end to our night.

Good night and sweet dreams sleepy heads.