Ford Castle day 2

12th October 2017

By 10:30pm last night all the children were settled in their rooms.  The teachers both had an almost undisturbed night (not our children don’t worry!) and everyone felt fresh this morning. 

We enjoyed cereal, toast, sausage, beans and fresh orange juice for breakfast, then we headed upstairs to get ready for our first activity.

Castle Tour

On the Castle Tour we visited the graveyard at Ford Church looking at the resting place of Lady Waterford, she had a fancy grave with angels on.  We then looked at the gravestone of a poor person, it had no writing on, just a skull and crossbones!  Apparently the poor people just got piled up on top of each other, there are 10 bodies in that grave! We then went to the horrible dungeon which we couldn’t go in, only look into.  Next we went to the ‘not so horrible dungeon’ which  we were able to go into.  We were so brave, they locked us in! We then went to James’ Study and saw some weapons and talked about how they were used.  Theo wowed us with his knowledge on the subject.  We each got to hold a really heavy gun and a sword.

Assault Course

This year’s mud monsters were Alexander, Elijah and Emma.  Face first in the mud at any opportunity! The teams worked well trekking through the mud, going over the A-frames, through the muddy tunnels, and over many more obstacles.  The teams had to transport massive jugs and heavy backpacks with them too.  Seth and Matias worked well together using the ‘Proposal’ tactic, to overcome high obstacles.


After a quick mass mud clean-up we headed into the Long Gallery to try our hand at Fencing. We learnt that the ‘pokey sword’ is called a foil, and we had to wear a special back to front jacket, a glove, and a funny looking mask.  To get a point in fencing the foil has to bend in the middle.  We liked shouting ‘Touche’ when we scored.  Ellie-May and Libby picked up the skills needed quickly and put them to good use.



Communication and teamwork were key for this blindfold challenge!  First we had to help guide a blindfolded friend to a tennis ball.  Good job we know our left and right!  Then we were all blindfolded and followed Jasmine in a long line following the sound of our instructor’s voice.  The nightline course was up next.  Elijah was our leader and shouted instructions to pass back about what he could feel up ahead.  We clambered over tyres, through cargo nets and a web of ropes.  What an adventure!

Zip Wire

We got harnessed up and headed towards the zipwire.  Miss Baston went first, just to test it was safe! We showed some cool moves on the way down, including Superman, dabbing, salutes, the running man, and the unconscious sleeper! Scarlet was extremely encouraging to her friends who were feeling worried about it.


Postman’s Walk

We took turns to attempt the Postman’s Walk and we could choose which level to attempt.  Charlie was first up and he set the bar high.  He got right to the top in a really quick time. Lots of us chose to challenge ourselves and go as high as we could.  Some of us chose to get timed from the bottom to the top.  Emma was the quickest in 1:33! Wow!

We all headed up to our rooms to get a much needed shower! Our party clothes were put on and we headed downstairs for our evening meal.  Jasmine, Elise and Emilia set the tables for us, and even decided to do the other schools table for them too.  It was a yummy chicken dinner with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, cauliflower, peas and gravy.

The disco was very loud and very busy so we were allowed to go into the games room if we wanted to.  The games rooms had lots of things to play like table tennis, table football and snooker.  The disco lasted for about an hour with lots of songs we knew playing, flashing lights and some crazy dance moves! 

A quick drink of hot chocolate and it’s time for bed!

Good night and sweet dreams sleepy heads.