Ford Castle day 1

11th October 2017

Day 1 at Ford Castle.

Our bus pulled up to the castle and we all gasped with amazement.  The castle looked lovely.  We carried our bags up lots of spiral staircases to our bedrooms where we found our beds had been made up for us! Phew!  A quick unpack then we headed down for our lunch which was soup, sandwiches, crisps and biscuits.  Time for our first activity.

Jacob’s Ladder

Working together in pairs we scaled the heights of Jacob’s ladder, using only our upper body strength, a sling, a pirate handshake, and a move called ‘The Proposal’.  Everyone showed amazing teamwork with Matias & Elijah, Theo & Seth, Emma & Jasmine and Scarlet & Miss Baston all managing to stand up on the 3rd rung before the time ran out!  The rain came down heavy towards the end of this activity, lots of sheltering in the ‘Itchy Head Shed’ before our next activity.

Crate Stack

Libby and Elise were first to have a go, holding on tight to each other as the crates got higher and higher!! The rest of the group had to work hard to stack the crates for them.  The highest crate stack duos in this team were Emilia & Miss Baston, and Elise and Libby who managed to get to 9 crates high before their wobbly legs made them fall. Alexander worked hard to stack the crates as high as he could.  Ellie May and Emma worked really well together in this activity, reassuring and encouraging each other all the way.  All our team were brilliant at collecting and stacking the crates for the clambering duos!  


Our instructor Amy took us through the safety rules and showed us all the parts of the bow.  She showed us how to put our arm guards on, how to hold the bow, and how to load the arrows.  We all took a turn, it’s harder than it looks!  After some practise shots we got the hang of it and managed to hit a few.  Every single person managed to hit the target, with Charlie hitting every shot! Mrs Belshaw was pretty good too, she managed to hit the target and it was her first time!


The staff were pleased to hear pleases and thank yous from the children at dinner time.  The lasagne and garlic bread was lovely, we even had seconds.  The lemon drizzle cake was really yummy, Scarlet said it looked like Mrs Dixon could have made it!


After our dinner we wrapped up warm for our last activity at 8:30pm.  It was called ‘Grail Hunt’ and we had to hunt around the Castle Grounds looking for items, including a teacher’s coat, and someone’s shoe!  We also had to find a secret library, how exciting!


More news tomorrow!  Sweet dreams Noble Knights and Daring Damsels.