Ford Castle day 1

5th October 2016

Day 1 at Ford Castle.

After an exciting bus journey we finally arrived at Ford Castle.  After a quick tour of the grounds we were shown to our rooms and we chose our beds (which were thankfully already made up for us) It was then time for a buffet lunch choosing from a wide variety of sandwich fillings, soup, crisps and fruit.  We also had some blackcurrant juice which left us all with a bright red smile!  Once we had filled up our tummies we split off into our two groups to do our activities – The Falcons, and the Griffins.


The Falcons Group

Crate Stack

After getting all of our safety equipment on, we headed down to the Crate Stack – we weren’t sure what to expect! Lizzie and Martha were first to have a go, holding on tight to each other as the crates got higher and higher!! The rest of the group had to work hard to stack the crates for them.  Luke and Noah got caught out by the gusts of wind after managing to get quite high. The next two to have a go was Isaac and Adam who worked really well as a team.  The highest crate stack duo in this team were Thea and Jessica  Mc who managed to get to 10 crates high before the wind wiped them out.   All our team worked well collecting and stacking the crates for the clambering duos!


Zip Wire

After a quick refreshment break we headed down to the zip wire, full of excitement and lots of ‘how high, how far, and how fast?’ questions.  We all braved the zip wire without hesitation flying through to trees with ease and would have kept going for the rest of the afternoon.


Assault Course

Well what can we say?  The mud monsters came out in force during this activity with Martha and  Noah being the muddiest.  Thea’s patience was tested ,  Jessica Mc gave up trying to keep her trainers clean and Isaac and Luke proved they could even do the course backwards. Everyone needed a shower by the end. Let’s hope the washing machines can cope!


The Griffins Group


Our instructor Ben took us down to the field to start archery.  He showed us how to put our arm guards on, how to hold the bow, and how to load the arrows.  We all took a turn, its harder than it looks!  After some practise shots we got the hang of it and managed to hit a few.  Millie, Francesca and Conn managed to hit the red circle on the target! 


Crate Stack

Brendan and Pete made sure we were safely harnessed up and we made our way to the activity. First up were Nancy and Oliver who worked well together to get 8 crates high.  The rest of the group showed great teamwork stacking the crates for them, especially Zoe who always made sure they were secure.  Next up was Conn and Oliver who soared to the dizzy heights of 12 crates! Jessica J and Sian took to the skies next managing to get to 9 and Francesca and Millie managed 8.  The constant giggling must have made them wobbly!  Lana and Miss Baston were the last ones to give it a go managing 10 crates! We  had a great time wobbling in the wind.


Zip Wire

A long and winding walk took us to the zipwire, following Brendan and finding deer prints in the mud.  Finally we saw the zip wire in between the trees – it was much bigger and longer than we imagined.  We were already harnessed up from crate stack so we were able to get straight on to the zipwire.  Soaring like eagles we flew through the trees, a few little screams, some superman poses and we were safe back on solid ground!


Jessica J, Jessica Mc, Martha, Millie and Conn laid our tables for us, and we enjoyed a meal of cheesy pasta bake and garlic bread, followed by yummy doughnuts.  The staff were pleased to hear lots of pleases and thank yous , and to see good table manners.


We spent our pocket money at the tuck shop before wrapping up warm for our last activity. 8pm saw our ‘Grail Hunt’  activity begin, hunting around the Castle Grounds looking for items including a teachers coat, and someone’s shoe!  Our torches came in handy hunting outside in the dark.


More news tomorrow!  Sweet dreams Noble Knights and Daring Damsels.