EYFS Storytelling and Fairy Tales Day

6th February 2018
Reception and Nursery took part in a fun-filled day of activities linked to storytelling and traditional tales. 
We had a fantastic day. We came to school dressed up as characters from different traditional tales. We took part in lots of activities related to different stories...
Goldilocks and the Three Bears - We measured out how many spoonfuls of porridge it took to fill each bowl. We counted carefully.
Jack and The Beanstalk - We learned about how beanstalks grow and we planted our own beans.
The Gingerbread Man - We made our own gingerbread men...we mixed all the ingredients, we rolled the dough out and cut out the gingerbread shapes. After they were baked we decorated them too. We also ordered different sized gingerbread mean too...we used scissors carefully to cut them out.
The Three Billy Goats Gruff - We went across the wobbly bridge and hoped the troll wouldn't get us! We built our own model bridges for the goats to cross over....we thought carefully about what to use.
Hansel and Gretel - We went on a Hansel and Gretel trail outside. We helped each other find the clues and then read them. We worked together as a team and got there in the end. We found our prize....it was yummy!