Eco Commitee and Eco School Award

Eco Committee
This year we have an Eco Club as we really want to continue to be agents of change and make a difference to our school, local community and the world! We realised that from 2017 that we did a lot of work through our curriculum, clubs and the community but we wanted to do more! Then the parents from Litterbugs suggested following the framework for the Eco-Schools Award.
The main areas we are working on are : litter, biodiversity, marine and waste. However, pupils decided that they wanted to try and gain full marks on some topics and didn't want to just do 3. So lots of different areas are covered in our action plan.
On our Eco-board (in the hall) you will find: our action plan, eco review, minutes, pictures, results and examples from our curriculum including long term plans.
All Eco-Club's work and pictures are on Class Dojo. This is only a selection of the work that they've been up to.
That's when it all started … written by Eco Club.
What projects have we done? 
-Whole School Beach Day

We did a whole school litter pick, made art sculptures using recyclable materials.


-Amble Parade

For the Christmas parade we made lanterns out of recyclable materials and then made a giant octopus with plastic that we'd collected as a school. We then carried Octavia through Amble to raise awareness. She was amazing.


- Year 3/4 Alnmouth Arts Show

We designed and made a project called 'A fish in a plastic sea' It was displayed at the Alnmouth Arts Show for hundreds of visitors.


-World Book Day – ‘Love our World’ our school rule.

For the day we all mixed classes and each teacher read us a book and then we had lots of activities to help us look after our world.

Miss Fife -

Book - How to change the world before bedtime. We made masks and messages about how to change the world.

Mrs Morris

Book- Clarice Bean, How can we change the world? We planted beans and made plans about how to change the world.

Mrs Coils

Book- Litterbug Dug, we then made necklaces out of recyclable materials.

Mr Teasdale

We read the Trouble with Dragons. We explored global warming and created pledges. We also did experiments to see how Carbon dioxide increases the temperature in our atmosphere.


 -Year 4 and 5 – Hooked on the Coquet Project

We are learning about the ecology of the River Coquet. We got to planting trees, discover creatures that live by the river and measured the speed of the river by dropping sticks.


Whole School

The community knitted Easter treat, we made messages to the future about caring for the world and looking after your mental health. We used biodegradable bags just in case one wasn't found. They all were!


-Year 5 with Mudlarks at the beach and Shilbottle Primary School

We talked about why are plastics a problem? How plastics get into the sea? We then made art using recyclable materials.


Year 3/4 making re-usable bags

Year 3/4 worked with the local WI to make re-usable bags so they didn't use carrier bags everyday in school.


- Year 3/4 Countryside Day and Art Project

We are just starting this, it's exciting. We are going to the Countryside Day then we get to create our own art project about the stall that we see. At the moment we all have lots of ideas, keep an eye on Dojo to see our plans and pictures!


Reception and Nursery (Dippy School Wildlife Camera).

We look at the outside camera, we've seen lots of animals! See the Eco Board for results! 


EYFS- Gardening Club

Mrs Southward does Gardening Club weekly with Nursery and Reception she helps them plant potatoes, plants trees, care for the pond area and make minibeast areas for the whole school to look after.


Gardening Club After School - this is a free club for all to attend after school!

They go out in all weather and look after our world! They've done planting, growing vegetables, cutting brambles, making animal homes, collecting rubbish and caring for minibeasts.


-Mental Health and wellbeing

We went on a walk and talk around Warkworth with all our family and people in the community.

Every class had First aid training so we now no how to help if someone is in trouble.

We also had dementia training this helps us to think about others and understand how people may feel.

Miss Fife lets us help her do mental health and well being worships on Monday.

We have Coco our school dog, we tell Mrs Ritson what we want to talk about and Coco helps us feel better and talk to each other.


Year 3/4 Newspaper

We got to write articles for the Chronicle 'Our School'. We put a special article about Eco Club in there too and all the hard work we do.

We also write for the Pelican , Ambler and tell Mrs Ritson what to put on Facebook!

We love to vote as a whole school!
We've said: No more glow sticks, no more plastic straws, no more plastic bottles, only bio degradable glitter, yes to recycling !
We now are a community recycling centre for...
-Batteries, ink cartridges, plastic bags and crisp packets! We also recycle clothes through Bags2School every half term.
See our Eco-board for how many we have collected!