Day Two at Ford Castle

1st October 2015

Day Two in the Ford Castle Tower

Well, after a well rested night -everyone quiet and asleep by 10.30! We had a few early risers! The brave knights and fair maidens were up, showered and dressed by 8.20. The Knights of Etal laid the tables whilst breakfast of sausage and beans was served by our ladies in waiting. Well done to Joey and Noah who managed to eat three beans! The sun came out to help us along on our second day here at Ford.

Zip Wire

Neil and Jacob led us towards Challenge number 3. We walked through a quagmire to reach the start point and looked ahead across the ravine at the infamous zip wire. Matthew led the charge with a smile and everyone followed in their own style, Milly managed a monkey dance, Sophie was a screamer and Miss Baston attempted a superman pose. After Sarah was adamant she wasn’t going down, as she hit the end her first words were ‘Can we do it again!’

Postmans Walk

Challenge Number 4 started with a quick tighten of our helmets and harnesses. The aim was to make it across the first pole and then chose whether to go all the way to the top or choose the middle wire. Everyone had their own plan and five children made it to the top and five made it along the middle. Everyone really challenged themselves and there was lots of encouragement and support from all.

Crate Stack

After a quick refreshment stop it was back up to the high wires and our next challenge. The children were paired up and had to work together to balance, stack and hold each other in order to get as high as possible. Our safety word created by George was ‘cashew’ and was shouted to warn the stackers the crates were unsafe. A big well done, to Holly and Sophie who kept each upright whilst the rest of the team did a fantastic job of encouraging, lifting and stacking.


Lunch saw us chilling and relaxing with baguettes and crisps before Sarah organised some games to keep everyone entertained.


A surprise visitor joined us for Archery- Mrs Carrick managed to walk along the drive way with the help of a friend. It was lovely for everyone to see he and she is looking much better than when Miss Baston and Mrs Frater saw her in the hospital. After watching the archers for a while, she said her goodbyes. Archery superstars were Sam and Holly who both managed to score a bulls eye. Everyone managed to hit the target at least once or twice and Mrs Frater was very excited to beat Miss Baston.


We were deep inside the castle for our next activity with Laura the Potion Master. She explained that the teachers were suffering from such terrible ailments as ‘sarcasm, laziness and grumpiness’. The children’s task was to work together in three teams to create a magic potion to cure them. The magical pixies created a green looking liquid that included spinach, milk, berries and oats, whilst the created a disgusting white potion of onions, milk, mint and porridge. The warlocks added peas and spinach to their concoction. Miss Baston and Mrs Frater were made to dink the potions to see if the magic would work! In order to make things equal, all the children tried the potions and Noah, Sarah, Milly, Sophie and Holly were willing to try all three! We are not sure if the potions worked though as Mrs Frater and Miss Baston still seemed quite grumpy at the end!

Jacobs Ladder

Our final challenge of the day was Jacob’s ladder. Here the rungs on the ladder gradually get higher, the higher you climb. The children worked in twos to support, pull and shove each other up the ladder. We saw some amazing acrobatic tricks from Callum and Daniel and everyone thought George’s trick foot in the crate stunt was hilarious. George was laughing so much he couldn’t climb!


Another delicious meal was served by the Knights of Etal, after a really efficient table setting by the Knights of Percy. We all enjoyed chicken, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and peas and sweetcorn, followed by chocolate and strawberry icecream. The Fair maidens cleared away our things beautifully before we headed upstairs to the disco.


The children had a fantastic time bopping and bustin’ moves with the other schools we are sharing Ford Castle with. As a special treat during our hot chocolate time Oscar the Bengal Owl came to join us and we learnt all about his feeding habits and watched him hiss at the walkie talkie.

More news tomorrow – sweet dreams Fair Maidens and Brave Knights x