Day Three at Ford Castle

1st October 2015

Day Three in the Ford Castle Tower

Not only did we have the excitement of the disco and the owl last night but as we made our way up to the clock tower the skies were clear and we did a spot of star gazing! Amazingly we saw a shooting star! By 10.20 everyone was sound asleep and slept right through to 7.30 this morning. After a quick scrub up it was military style packing before heading down to the castle for breakfast.

Our breakfast table was laid by the fair maidens and they even managed to pop up a sneaky banner for our King of the Castle – birthday boy Noah. Breakfast was expertly served by the Knights and everyone had a try of scrambled egg, bacon, cereal and toast.  

Team Games

We started the day with a quick game of duck, duck, goose and quickly became stuck in the mud. Team tactics came into play for limpet tag and the children quickly learnt to herd the remaining runners like sheep into a corner.

Knights quest

Laura greeted us after juice armed and ready to train us into being brave knights. We had some interesting conversations about how girls could be knights too and headed downstairs to our first quest. Here we started as pages and had to balance across the river collecting clues in order to be promoted to being a squire. Traversing over hot coals to get to the other side proved tricky for some but Page Daniel and Page Matthew were amazing at encouraging and supporting their team mates. Monkey Milly made it over quickly and Sophie used some interesting moves to get across. Once our puzzle pieces were organised we moved into training to become a true knight. This meant heading back down into the dungeon for some communication and navigational work based around the Code of Chivalry. George , Joseph and Noah were excellent at giving clear commands and navigating the knights to find their treasure. Sam and Sarah also worked well as a team and eventually the quest was complete. Most of the statements on the code were similar to the rules we had decided on before leaving for Ford Castle. Be kind, be positive, have good manners and respect, try everything.


Our final challenge for Ford this year was the night line – a curious name for something that happens at lunchtime but all was revealed when the children were asked to wear goggles that removed their sense of sight. Again communication and navigational skills were key. After a trial run the children set off conga style to the nightline course. Callum began as leader and was swapped throughout the session with Sarah, Milly, Matthew and Daniel. Holly was very good at shouting directions down the line and Sophie made sure she left no one behind at any time. Through tyres, tunnels, wobbly bridges and cargo nets the conga line continued each with its own obstacles and problems to overcome. Our instructor Ben said he had worked with 14 and 15 year olds that had not been as good at communicating as we were!



And so to our final meal at Ford – a delicious lunch of sandwiches, fruit and crisps but with a delicious twist – Noah’s yummy monkey birthday cake. We shared the cake with Laura and then we received our awards for the hard work and challenges we have met this week.

The awards were as follows “Ford castle super star award goes to:”
Sam  for being a super stacker
Milly for being a Marvellous monkey
Sophie  for being a potions guzzler
Holly for hitting the Bullseye
Sarah for being Little Miss Tidy
Daniel for being a Knowledgeable Knight
Noah for eating everything
Matthew for marvellous manners and motivation
Callum for having no fear
George for excellent communication and navigation
Joseph for being quietly confident in everything

All week we have been collecting shield points from Miss Baston and Mrs Frater as well as the instructors. These can be awarded for anything from trying hard to saying thank you, from collecting pencils to making our beds. The results this morning were neck and neck with still lots of points to be scored. Congratulations to Milly who won the Fair Maiden Award and Matthew for the Bravest Knight award.

It’s been a fantastic visit and the children have been superb. You should all be proud of your Maidens and Knights and give them an extra squeeze as you tuck them up in their chambers tonight. Sweet dreams until our next quest.