Day One at Ford Castle

7th October 2015

LOOK FOR PHOTOS IN OUR GALLERY SECTION (however please note - there is no wifi connection in the Clock Tower so photos can only be uploaded in the day time - watch this space!!

Day One in the Ford Castle Tower!

After an exciting bus journey where ‘Ding a ling’ was sung a gazillion times we saw Ford Castle through the mist and rain. We unloaded the bus and made our way through to the clock tower where we were thrilled to see our bunk beds were all made up for us – phew!

After a quick wander around we enjoyed a delicious lunch of sandwiches, crisps, fruit and biscuits before unpacking our things and getting ready for our first activity.


Our instructor Dale, explained all the different commands such as salute, engarde and halt. We learnt how to hold the foil correctly, stand in the correct position and how important it is to wear our safety equipment. We all had a great time trying to score points and were very gracious and shook hands at the end of each round.

Castle Tour

Jenny led us on our next adventure around the castle and we started in the dungeon! As cold and damp as it was we were told this was the ‘nice’ dungeon! We learnt about the different types of people that would have been imprisoned and the reasons for the different shaped walls near the arrow slots. We then faced our first challenge – all lights out and hatch closed! At the tops of our voices we sang Happy Birthday to Noah whilst all holding hands in the pitch dark. After been let out of the dungeon we made our way to James’ study where we wielded swords, looked at armour and learnt about the various weapons used by the men of old. Finally we made our way towards the flag tower and had a peek in the ‘not nice’ dungeon. We now know why its named this, sixteen feet deep, dark and pretty creepy!

Assault Course

After togging up into our wet weather gear we headed to the Assault course. Two teams were expected to get across the course carrying bottles, backpacks whilst holding onto a rope – challenge number 2! After mastering the seesaw we headed over the ‘M’ frames across the Tarzan swing and through the muddy tunnels. After navigating the x frame, through some more tunnels came the cargo net! After a few hiccups everybody made it over and headed through the tyre press.  The final trial was the ‘under overs’. Sounds easy! By this point everyone was wet, slippy and extremely muddy. Through sheer teamwork, lots of umphs and args we got everyone over and ready for dinner.

As the Fair Maidens set the tables for dinner the knights washed up and prepared to serve and clear. After a delicious dinner of spaghetti bolognaise garlic bread and chocolate sponge and custard we began to get organised for tonight’s activity – Grail Quest!

More news from the castle tomorrow – sweet dreams Fair Maidens and Brave Knights!