Christian Vision

                           Warkworth C of E Primary's Vision


# Strive together as one (Philippians 1:27) .

Our shared vision is for everyone to ‘motivate one another’ and become agents of change ‘through acts of love and good works’. ‘And let us not neglect meeting together’ (Hebrews 10 24-25) as our community is central to enabling everyone to thrive and achieve their God given potential.


Understanding our vision

Our unique Christian vision is based on the Christian values of Love and Community and the tenth chapter of the Epistle to the Hebrews in the New Testament. It was created through discussions with pupils, staff, governors and parents (December 2018).


In September 2019 it was developed further by the children as Warkworth Primary signed the Church of England's Charter for social media guidelines.

Pupils decided to put a # in front of the vision to remind our school community that when we're online we need to make sure the digital world is as loving and generous as when speaking face to face. 


Big questions we reflect on

‘What can I do today to motivate others to love and do good deeds?’

‘What is a good deed?’

‘What is love?’

‘What helps a person to do a good deed?’

‘What would help a person to be loving?’

 'How can we strive together?'


Key words from our vision

‘Shared’ – A focus on working together and all having the same vision.

‘Everyone’ – Our school is built for the community and so everyone is part of our vision.

‘Agents of change’- One of the ways we will become agents of change is through our school rules, ‘Look after ourselves, look after each other and look after the world’. We want to make a difference!

*In summer 2018, the pupils re-ordered the school rules to emphasise the importance of mental health and wellbeing. Then again in January 2019 following a week of reflective work on our vision, pupils changed the wording from 'look after' to 'love' . The new school rules and ethos are:

-Love yourself;

-Love each other and

-Love the world


Our aims

  • For our unique Christian vision to lead and shape everything that we do.
  • For everyone in our school and community to be valued as an individual and made in the image of God.
  • To create a safe, stimulating and challenging curriculum that creates a love of learning both indoors and outdoors.
  • To develop strong and collaborative partnerships with parents, the church and the community.
  • To develop a learning centered and inclusive community where children, staff and the community learn together and celebrate each others differences and achievements.  
*Our vision and approach has been written alongside the following Church of England documents: