British Values (SMSCD)

At Warkworth Primary School we take every opportunity to reinforce our British values through Worship, PSHE, RSE, RE, SMSCD, and throughout the curriculum. We value the diverse ethnic background of all pupils and families and we feel through our enriching values based curriculum we enable pupils to develop their role as a member school, the community and also as a global citizen. For further details please see our SMSCD and British Values Policy which is attached at the bottom of the page.


The Rule of Law


The importance of laws whether they are those that govern the class, the school or the country are clearly and consistently promoted and reinforced through our school rules and behaviour policy. During Thinking Skills activities, PHSE, RE, our use of the Characteristics of Effective Learning and every day school life pupils explore and discuss the concepts of justice, fairness, rewards, consequences and the importance of right and wrong. Our pupils are also taught the reasons behind laws that govern and protect us during visits from our local police men and women, community police officers and the fire brigade.


Individual Liberty


At Warkworth, we invest a lot of time creating a positive culture in our school. One of the ways we do this is through Forest School where choices and freedoms are encouraged in a safe environment. Pupils also have a range of key roles and responsibilities across the school and they are actively encouraged to make their own decisions and lead projects. In the EYFS, pupils lead their own curriculum and make decisions within a continuous provision which is child led. We aim to empower all pupils to make their own decisions confidently, such decisions could be demonstrated as a choice of challenge in the classroom; for example, choosing the trickier activity, creating their own next step or presenting their own views in a thinking skills activity.  It could also be demonstrated through participation; for example, in a lunch time, extra-curricular club, the school or sports council or our pupil voice questionnaires and worship reviews.


Mutual Respect:


As one of our Christian Values, respect is at the heart of our ethos and is embedded in our curriculum and everything we do in school. At Warkworth Primary school we have a mixture of faiths, religions and cultures and all pupils work and play together through ' Love, friendship and forgiveness' demonstrating a mutual respect for each other. Our curriculum is values based and so each half term we focus on a Christian value and pupils participate in a range of activities associated with that value (see the RE part of the website). In our daily worships pupils also participate in discussions and explore the meaning of our Christian values and one day a week we have a class worship where we apply these values to our everyday lives. Mutual respect is also modelled and promoted by all staff in school and throughout projects which we run in school. We also share the importance of this value with home and the community through our newsletters, values challenges, the website and local newspapers.


Tolerance of those of Different Faiths and Beliefs:


At Warkworth Primary school our RE and PHSE curriculum aims to deepen pupils' understanding of faith, religion and culture around the world and celebrate cultural diversity. We also recognize the importance of first hand experiences and so regularly plan opportunities for members of different faiths and religions to share their knowledge and enhance our learning.




Democracy is embedded throughout our school curriculum and we actively promote a rights-respecting environment where all pupils and staff respect the rights of each other and listen carefully to others' voices and opinions.  As part of our PHSE and Thinking Skills curriculum pupils learn about the ideas of democracy in a variety of ways for example, the School and Sports Council. As part of the meetings both councils work together and follow a clearly democratic structure for discussion, debate and voting.   We embody equality, fairness and a right to pupil voice as part of our school ethos. For example, pupils are regularly asked to complete questionnaires providing their views on PE, The Characteristics of Effective Learning, Religious Education, E Safety, intervention groups and how pupils feel in school.  Practitioners then use this information to inform future projects and develop provision further.  



From September 2018, we are also a WE School and Year 5 are participating in JASS (Junior Award Scheme for Schools). 
WE Schools 
WE is a program which challenges young people to identify the local and global issues that spark their passion and empowers them with the tools to take action.

Junior Award Scheme for Schools (JASS) is a progressive learning programme for young people which has been designed to recognise wider achievement. A key aim has been to meet the challenges of the transition from primary to secondary but in practice it can be used at either level. The objectives of the JASS programme are aligned with the wider learning objectives of the Curriculum for Excellence, The Outdoor Challenge, and the National Curriculum, making it easy to run alongside and incorporate existing curricular activities.

JASS develops the whole individual by offering recognition in four key areas – regular physical activity (Get Active, Stay Active), exploring a personal interest (My Interests), working for the good of the community or the environment (Me and My World) and completing an outdoor activity or challenge (Adventure) and is designed so that participants move through the levels with increasing commitment, learning, and challenge. 

This year all of Year 5 are aiming for silver! 


JASS Schools