Autumn 2 - Soup making

In the Early Years we have a keen group of we decided to make use good of enthusiastic skills and make our own soup. We harvested our own home-grown vegetables from the school allotment first (thanks to Mrs.Southward's hard work and enthusiasm). We talked about what harvest means and remembered back to our school Harvest Festival.We worked together and used trowels to dig. We found a few wiggly friends along the way! We collected all the vegetables and then washed, peeled and chopped. We took great care and used the tools carefully and safely. We measured ingredients and added them all to one of Mrs.Dixon's huge pans! Mrs.Frizzel helped us too...she stood over the steaming pan and stirred...making sure everything was looking good! We had regular peeks to see what was happening at each stage. Then we got to eat our own home-made soup.We talked about what it looked like, smelled like and tasted like. Yummy!