Autumn 2 - Religious Education - Incarnation

This half term in RE we have been learning about a very long word.....Incarnation! At first we didn't have a clue what it meant! We have learned about the story of the very first Christmas and why this story is so important to Christians. We have learned about how Christians celebrate Christmas from Tom and Tessa's perspective (the two imaginary Christian children - using persona dolls). We learned about God coming into the world in human form as Jesus. We learned that Tom and Tessa believe that Jesus came into the world to show that all people are precious and special to God. We have learned and explored in different ways....through the sharing of our ideas, drawing and painting pictures, sculpting with playdough, story telling, small world play, present wrapping, taking place in drama, singing songs and through the practising and performing of the Early Years Nativity play. We even talked about how Christmas is a celebration of Jesus' birthday and shared a birthday cake together....yummy!