Autumn 1 Mathematics - Measures

This week we learnt all about measuring. We began by measuring with non- standard units; such as beads and cubes. We moved on to decimetres and finally onto centimetres and metres.
Some of the Year 1's made playdough worms that had to measure longer than five cubes. They measured their own worms and made labels to match their length.
Some of the year 1's had to find three objects that were less than 20 beads long. They had to measure and order them.
Their next challenge was to find objects that were more than 20 beads long but less than 50 beads long. This was tricky as there were only 20 beads on their string - what could they do? Work as a team of course! They joined their strings together to create longer strings. What a great idea!
Some of the Year 2's had to estimate whether objects were longer or shorter than 15 cm, write down their predictions and then use a ruler accurately to measure.
Some of the Year 2's had to think carefully to solve a problem. Five cars wanted to race. Each car thought it could further than the rest. The children had to devise a plan to prove which car could go the furthest and record their results.