Autumn 1 All About Me - The Five Senses

Today we have been learning all about the five senses. We talked about our favourite food, sound and view. We then investigated using our senses in a number of different ways.
We used our sense of sight to spot different objects within an observation game.
We used our sense of taste to try different flavours of crisps. We had to write down which flavour we thought they were. Nobody liked the paprika crisps!
We used our sense of smell to identify the scents in the sniff pots.We had to say whether we liked or disliked the smell. Peppermint was a clear winner with garlic coming in last place.
We used our sense of hearing to listen to different songs and then choose one we liked. At some points we had a little karaoke going!
We used our sense of touch to feel the objects in the bag. We had a bag of cotton wool, a scrubbing brush, a large plastic dinosaur and a bag of bulgar wheat. The children were very trusting at allowing me to put their hands into mystery bags!
Our final task was to use a number of our senses together to play a game on the iPad. We had to touch the screen, listen to the instructions and look at the problems we faced.