Autumn 1 - Superheroes

This half term we had lots of fun exploring the theme of Superheroes, following the interests of many of the children. We set up a Superhero training camp and made obstacle courses both inside and outside. We talked about what superheroes do and what special powers they may have. We had different missions to complete....we rescued superheroes from trapping webs, we untangled them from sticky situations, we use our imaginations and creative skills and built superhero dens and traps to catch the baddies! We went on a superhero number hunt, we solved the locks and keys mystery and we practised our aiming skills using beanbags and balls....who could hit the "splat" mats? We built special vehicles for superheroes with different construction equipment. We ended our Superhero theme by having a fun-filled action packed Superhero dressy up day!