Autumn 1 - Religious Education - God and Creation

God and Creation
This half term our topic in RE has been God and Creation. We have been learning about why the word 'God' is so important to Christians. We have learned about this from Tom and Tessa's perspective (two imaginary Christian children - using persona dolls). We have learned about God being the creator of the world (the story of Creation) and we have explored the idea of Creation in a variety of ways using different media - collage, paint, play dough, fabrics and small world play. We have thought about the idea of God being the 'giver of life'. We have also learned about how God wants people to take care of the world he created.
We learned about how Tom and Tessa and their family go to church to celebrate Harvest. We learned about how they say and sing words of praise and worship to say thank you to God for all he does and all he has made. We made harvest baskets of food and learned harvest songs together. We talked about our school Harvest Celebration at St. Lawrence's Church. We talked about how Christians try and do something to help others at sharing food or raising money to help others. We built models of churches.
We found out that Tom and Tessa learn from the Bible and how praying is important to them. We listened to the Bible story of "The Precious Pearl" and talked about how the story teaches people that God is more precious than the most precious pearl. From the story Tom and Tessa learn that the name God is very precious and must be treated with respect. We talked about things which are precious to us...and how we look after precious things. We painted pictures and made collage pictures of things which are precious to us. We decorated our own names and God's name to make them look special and precious. We listened to a song of the prayer "Our Father" and talked about the words "hallowed be your name"....meaning Holy is God's name.